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The company '' AVIONIC '' Sp.J. was founded in 1997. in Gorki Wielkie by Bolesław Kawik and Leszek Matuszek, two aviation enthusiasts. The main products of the company are trailers for gliders. Production services include design, manufacture and production.
In 2003, the company's operations expanded to the production of composite parts, components and assemblies for aircraft EXTRA 300, one of the most modern and most popular high aerobatic aircraft in the world. The company '' AVIONIC '' on behalf of the final manufacturer Extra Aircraft performs up to 90% of all components of the plane, including the wings and control surfaces.
In 2013, the company teamed up with the German company '' GROB '' for which also produces composite parts for training aircraft GROB 120 TP.
The company employs are highly qualified engineers and technicians, and manufacturing, which ensures high quality of the products. '' AVIONIC '' has two halls, administrative and production with a total area of approximately 2500 m2 and the equipment which is necessary for production.
In 2016 the company took over, after the death of the constructor MSc. Bogumil Beres rights to produce one of the best gliders in the 15 m world class - glider DIANA 2, which became the leading product of the company.

Innowacyjny szybowiec wyczynowy z elektrycznym zespołem napędowym nr umowy: POIR.02.03.02-24-0021/17-00

Celem projektu: jest przeprowadzenie serii badań i testów, mających na celu integrację szybowca z elektrycznym zespołem napędowym.

Kwota dofinansowania: 320 000,00 zł

Beneficjent: Avionic Spółka jawna Bolesław Kawik–Leszek Matuszek

Founded in the year
Production area in m2
The right to produce Diana 2 in the year.
Production of the Extra 300%


Flight after the success – Diana 2 glider

Is the ace of the skies, which rose on heights many pilots. Diana 2 glider is the crown jewel of this type of models. About the rights for production were competing the biggest foreign companies. because Diana is synonymous for success. However For lovers of flying, it is a large piece of history. After many […]

The agreement with Gliding Team Clinic Kolasiński

10.12.2016r. The Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, an agreement was signed between the AVIONIC and Gliding Team Clinic Kolasiński. At the beginning AVIONIC provide pilots team glider Diana-2. In return, the pilots will promote the glider manufacturer and transmit information necessary for its improvement. In the coming weeks, we will resume certificate of Easa and launched […]

Transfer of rights to produce Diana 2

On Saturday 29/10/2016 at the Olympic Hotel in Ustroń ceremony was held, during which ownership rights to the production of Polish glider Diana-2 were transfere. There were more than 80 people who had and have a relationship with the best Polish glider. During the event at the hands of AVIONIC company has been transferred property […]



Span 15 m
Elongation 26
Lenght 6,88 m
Height 1,35 m
Wing area 8,64 m²
Wing profile KL-002-128/17
Empty weight 185 kg
Take-off weight 500 kg
Min. speed 60 km/h
Max. speed 285 km/h
Min. sink 0,45 m/s

Span 18 m
Elongation 31,15
Lenght 6,43 m
Height 1,35 m
Wing area 10,456 m²
Empty weight 306 kg
Take-off weight 600 kg
Min. speed 70 km/h
Max. speed 270 km/h
Min. sink 0,495 m/s


Diana’s construction work started in November 1987 under the direction of M. Sc. Bogumil Beres

Preparation of documentation for the prototype was completed in February 1989. In 29th November 1990 it was flown by test pilot Jacek Zak. In preparation of the glider had also participated test pilot Jacek Marszałek. In connection with bankruptcy of Zakłady szybowcowe, there were produced only four copies. One went to Wojciech Kos of the Aero Club Bielsko-Biala. The second in 2000, was issued by the Polish Aero Club for sale. The other two went to the United States. When Zakłady Szybowce went bunkrapt, MSc. Bogumil Beres bought from the trustee the rights to produce Diana and founded his own company. The newly formed company started the implementation of the production of the glider. January 12, 2005 flew a modernized version of the glider Diana 2 with a completely new wing designed by Dr. Krzysztof Kubryński. It has improved the perfection of the glider (52 units), excellence for high speed, resistance to dirt and precipitation, are larger ballast tanks to improve the performance of the glider during strong thermals.


2005 – Janusz Centka wins the silver medal in 13th European Gliding Championships in Rayskala – Finland

2005 – Sebastian Kawa wins the gold medal in 1st Gliding Races Championships in Saint Auban – France

2006 – Janusz Centka wins the gold medal in 29th World Gliding Championships in Eskilstuna – Sweden

2007 – Janusz Centka wins the gold medal, and Karol Staryszak – silver medal 14 European Gliding Championships in Issoudun – France

2007 – Sebastian Kawa wins the gold medal in 2nd Gliding World Championship Races Gliding at Omarama – New Zealand

2008 – Janusz Centka wins the silver medal in 30 World Gliding Championships in Luesse – Germany

2009 – Sebastian Kawa wins the gold medal in 3rd World Air Games in Turin – Italy

2009 – Lukasz Wojcik won the silver medal in 15th European Gliding Championships in Nitra – Slovakia

2010 – Sebastian Kawa wins the gold medal in 3rd World Championship Races Gliding in Santiago – Chile

2012 – Sebastian Kawa wins the gold medal in 32nd World Gliding Championships in Uvalde – USA

2014 – Sebastian Kawa wins silver medal in 5th World Championship Races Gliding at Sisteron – France

2014 – Sebastian Kawa wins the gold medal in 33rd World Gliding Championships in Leszno – Poland


1998, 1999 – Hana Zeidova (Czech) won several women’s World Records

2003 – Janusz Centka flying in Tonoph in the United States broke the world record for a distance of 1000 km triangle obtaining 144.95 km / h


There is no doubt that Diana 2 is the best 15-meter glider in the world. Rank of the success of its design increases even more when we consider the small number of these gliders, currently operated in Poland and abroad.

AVIONIC’s initiative leading to the resumption of the unique design and further development raises the enthusiasm of a wide range of pilots around the world. Support for these actions in economically and prestigious way is fully justified.

Clinic Kolasinski Gliding Team Dr med. Jerzy Kolasiński


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